Acquire newly made instruments and bows from contemporary makers and lend them, free of charge, to young musicians, who meet the MAESTRO criteria:

  • Professional career track
  • Instrument/bow inadequate for promising career path
  • Require assistance to continue progress

Fund scholarships for talented young musicians to study at conservatories throughout the world

Host seminars about violin-making featuring internationally known experts in the field

Present concerts featuring world-class artists in solo and chamber music performances

Offer master classes to local music students coached by established concert artists

Establish an organization (MAESTRO Club) uniting musicians and violin-makers and providing them with a venue to meet and discuss their endeavours (also to be open to the interested public)

Provide a workshop for deserving students attending the International "Antonio Stradivari" Violin-Making School, Cremona

Collaborate with other important local and international associations as well as social and cultural foundations to realize common projects

Serve as ambassadors of Cremona by presenting young talent to the world

Donate contemporary instruments and bows to winners of major international competitions