Fondazione MAESTRO Cremona
Non-profit and dedicated to projects in music
Rebecca Rodman
Vice President
Staffan Borseman
Board of Directors
  Gaspar Christian Borchardt
Sibylle Barbara Fehr-Borchardt
Carol Madeleine Bourger
Dimitri Musafia
Honorary Members
  Sergej Krylov
Lioudmilla Krylova
Gio Batta Morassi
Daniela Placchi
The Fondazione Maestro Cremona, a non-profit organization based in Cremona Italy, was founded in 2003. The Foundation has earned the support of instrument and bow makers in the local community and beyond, as well as that of internationally known performers and artists. One of the main goals of the Foundation is to unite those who honor the historical homeland of the art of violin making by providing a much-needed bridge between the makers and the players.